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Do you believe in dreams?

Every night, when I go to my bed and close my eyes, I leave the "real world"...
A door opens in front of me, I meet unknown people in unknown worlds, questions find their answers. Sometimes I get directions or spend time with my ancestors. Learn lessons or say goodbye...

When I graduated, I was thinking about continuing my education in France. I bought the tickets, I tightened my luggage and the day before my grandfather, who had passed away, appeared in my dream. I dreamed of a beautiful green meadow and the small cottage in the middle. On the doorstep of that cottage I saw my lovely grandfather, he just smiled and waved me. I went closer and asked him: "Is it real? I miss you!". Just behind him was my grandmother, who was still alive. He gave me a silver ring and there was a print on it... He said:"Your grandma cannot hear you or see you, you are talking only with me. Your future is here, why you want to go far away from your destiny?" (While I am writing that story of my life, there is a movie on television, called "In my dreams". Two young people, standing around a fountain, throwing coins into it and wishing. The coins fell to the bottom side by side...Is it a coincidence? I do not think so...). The day after I canceled my flight reservation because I was sure that my way is different.

Mariyana Raycheva


  1. Sometimes people ignore dreams but maybe, just maybe is the universe or God trying to say something.


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